Document Conversion

Convert your text into speech audio.

Let your documents do the talking. Click here to upload your file and have it converted into a speech audio file. You can listen to your notes while you exercise, relax or even drive to work or school.

Convert your: -

  • Digital Documents
  • School Study Notes
  • Office Documents
  • Text Books
  • Hand written documents (excellent penmanship required)
  • Scanned Text Documents (JPG, PNG, PDF...)
    • and mire...
  • You can even take a picture of a text book page and have this converted into a speech audio file. (Picture of text must be clearly visible and readable)

Whether in a group or by yourself, you can recap or study by listening to those class notes and past papers.

Listen to your class notes, office documents or even your favorite book, while you exercise or do other chores at home.

Convert those recipes and listen as you cook for your family and loved ones.

Didn’t have enough time to read those documents from the office? No worries, now you can listen to them comfortably while you drive to or from your office meetings.

You can even take a picture of the text book pages that you want to be converted and we’ll have your document speaking to you in no time.